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Board Design
We offer optimal circuit board design proposals that can only be put forth by a board manufacturer that handles all processes of board production from LSI packages to mother boards like Kyocera.
We design printed-wiring boards featuring excellent cost performance and high quality based on our industry’s top class high-density wiring board technology and using our printed circuit design expertise cultivated through our many years of operation.
Board Design
We have a variety of simulation techniques to help our customers solve their design problems.
We apply a variety of simulation techniques, ranging from review of design specifications to evaluation of developed equipment, to solution of tasks and problems related to board performance, thereby providing wide-ranging support to customers in their product development.
One-stop Solution
We provide solutions to a wide range of questions and demands of customers, ranging from design to mounting of parts, with the full use of our support system using up-to-the-minute technology.
We support customers’ new product development with our “design,” “simulation,” and “prototype printed wiring board short-delivery service.” In addition, we can further help “mounting of parts” without stopping. This system allows us to provide best solutions to prototype development.
One-stop Solution

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